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6-13-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan


Influencer Requests

Kaisu is a media friendly place. We’re happy to offer media rates to social media influencers and/or bloggers, depending on availability. Feel free to drop us a line at info.akasaka@kaisu.jp

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スクリーンショット 2016-06-18 14.37.34

June 25 – Jul 24, 2016


About the exhibition   by Honda Chika

I have always been interested in “souvenirs”. You buy stuff you usually would’t buy when it becomes souvenirs. Why? They bring more than just a thing. We want them because we like to keep the memory and elation for the moment or the places that somehow make us feel warm.

I wanted to express the warms as my first exhibition and asked Shukosha (hand-carved stencil dyeing craftsman) for collaboration.

Mass product cannot replicate hand-carved lines. I hope you enjoy art of craft and my Japanese souvenirs.

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It was all nice!





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Jazz Sax Live



See you next summer. The band was awesome.



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A Happy New Year!

Hello 2016!


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Kaisu Experience

When we asked Tak Nishimura for interesting tour idea, he was happy to help us and brought us some of the tours they can immediately organize for us.


Next time you are in Kaisu, don't forget to bring your international license.

You can drive around the city with Kart!


Karttop sowKart


More experience are available at Kaisu. Please ask detail at front desk.

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“On the Road” Photo Exhibition by Ilán Terrell

Next exhibition at Kaisu.

“On the Road” Photo Exhibition by Ilán Terrell
Date: Dec 11th, 2015 – Jan 10th, 2016

Ilán Terrell puts a new spin on the western roadtrip, with his new photographic series “On the Road.” Ilán travels throughout the western United States every month, documenting his own life with classic cameras in a modern era, producing images with a sense of nostalgia and a high-tech twist.

A native Californian, musician, and photographer, Ilán takes the viewer on a journey up Route 66 in a minivan loaded with cameras, guitars, drums, and yes… Shamisen, to experience all that the American highway has to offer. He will conclude his journey and photo exhibition with images taken during his stay in Japan.

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Terms & Condition



These Terms and Conditions (Conditions) set out the basis on which Coterie (as defined below) will provide accommodation and other products and services at its hostels to Customers (as defined below) and Guests (as defined below). By making a Booking (as defined below) the Customer agrees to comply with these Conditions.


In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions have the following meanings:

"Arrival Date" means the date on which the Customer’s stay at the hostel is due to commence, as per the Booking Details.

"Booking" means the reservation by the Customer of accommodation and any other products and services detailed in the Booking which is accepted by Coterie.

“Booking Details” means the details of the Booking including the number of Guests, the number of rooms required, the duration of the Guests’ stay at the Hostel and any other products and/or services to be included in the Booking.

“Charges” means the charges payable by the Customer in connection with the Booking.

“Contract” means the contract between the Customer and Coterie in relation to the Booking.

“Customer” means person who makes the Booking.

“Coterie” means Coterie Inc. or such other company in the same group of companies as Coterie that operates the Hostel.

“Group Booking” means the Booking for ten or more Guests.  

“Guests” means the Customer and any third parties who stay at the Hostel in connection with the Booking.

“Hostel” means the hostels owned or operated by Coterie the location of which is specified in the Booking.

“Travel Agents” means online travel agency of which the Hostel is registered.


2.1 Customers can request Bookings via Coterie’s website, via registered Travel Agents or by contacting Coterie’s staff in person at the Hostel.

2.2 When requesting Bookings, Customers will be required to provide identification information including, but not limited to, their name, address, contact telephone number and email address.

2.3 No request for a Booking should be deemed to be accepted unless and until Coterie confirms its acceptance and provides a booking reference, at which point the Contract will come into existence.

2.4 Subject to clause 4, Coterie will use its reasonable endeavors to accommodate any request from the Customer to change the Booking Details but any request to change the dates or length of stay or add products and/or services will be subject to availability and the Customer paying for such increased length of stay and/or products and/or services at Coterie’s standard rates from time to time.

2.5 When booking beds in a shared room, Coterie will attempt to put people on the same booking in the same room, however this cannot be guaranteed

2.6 The Customer is required to contact the Hostel directly in order to make Group Booking.  


3.1 The Charges will be as quoted by Coterie to the Customer upon the Customer’s request for a Booking.

3.2 Unless otherwise agreed by Coterie, the Charges only cover the provision of accommodation at the Hostel and the Customer may incur additional charges including, without limitation, charges for meals, room service and wireless internet access (the “Additional Charges”).

3.3 Customers will be informed of the amount of the Additional Charges before they are incurred.

3.4 Bookings will be subject to the Customer: Making payment of the Charges in full in advance or, at Coterie’s option, paying a booking fee and/or deposit; and providing valid Debit or Credit Card details via which payment of the Charges or the balance of the Charges (as the case may be) and any Additional Charges can be taken at check in at the Hostel or at the time of booking.

3.5 If not prepaid in full at time of booking the balance of the Charges must be paid by the Customer immediately on checking in at the Hostel. Any Additional Charges must be paid either as they are incurred or, at Coterie’s option, upon the Customer checking out at the Hostel.

3.6 The following payment methods are accepted by Coterie

Cash or Credit and Debit Cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and JCB.

3.7 In order to secure Booking for Group Booking, the Customer needs to pay deposit of 50% of total value of the Booking 3 weeks prior to the Arrival Date.  Payment of the deposit shall be made through bank transfer or credit card payment.  The balance due shall be paid upon arrival.  



4.1 Subject to clause 4.2, the Customer may cancel the Booking without cancellation fee if cancellation of the Booking is completed through Travel Agents or in person with Coterie staff at least 48 hours prior to 0:00 (Japan Standard Time) on the Arrival Date. In which case Coterie will refund to the Customer all sums paid by the Customer in advance.

4.2 Where the Customer has been offered a discounted rate on condition that the Booking becomes non-refundable upon cancellation then, provided the Customer has been informed of such Condition, in the event of cancellation of the Booking, all Charges applicable to that Booking remain payable in full.

4.3 Where the Customer fails to complete cancellation of the Booking as per clause 4.1 or fails to arrive (no show) at the Hostel, the entire Booking will be deemed cancelled and the Customer must pay cancellation fee to the Hostel that is specified in the Contract. Cancellation fee will be charged to the provided credit card of the Customer by Coterie.

4.4 Coterie may at any time cancel a Booking if the Hostel becomes unavailable due to circumstances outside Coterie’s control in which case Coterie will pay the Customer a full refund of any Charges and any booking fee paid.

4.5 Coterie may at any time cancel the Booking if the payment details provided by the Customer in accordance with clause 3.4 are invalid and the Customer fails to provide alternative valid details.

4.6 Following cancellation penalty fee policy is applied to Group Booking.  

4.6.1 Cancellations 3 weeks or more prior to the Arrival Date: No cancellation penalty fee is charge.

4.6.2 Cancellations between 3 weeks and 1 week prior to the Arrival Date: 50% of the total value of the Booking shall be paid.

4.6.3 Cancellations between 1 week and the Arrival Date or no show: 100% of the total value of the Booking shall be paid.


5.1 Check-in time at the Hostel booked is from 15:00. Check-in prior to 15:00 may be available subject to prior arrangement with Coterie and subject to the full range of services and facilities at the Hostel not being available until the standard check in time.

5.2 Check-out time at the Hostel is 11:00. Later check-out times may be possible by prior arrangement with an additional charge and subject to availability. (In the absence of such prior arrangement, failure to check-out by 11:00 may result in the Customer being charged for an additional night’s accommodation at the standard applicable rate

5.3 Coterie reserves the right to refuse accommodation to any Guests who are heavily drunk and/or clearly under influence of illegal drug.


6.1 Valid government issued photo identification is required at check-in.

6.2 Customers are required to conduct themselves and ensure that their Guests conduct themselves in a reasonable and responsible manner at the Hostel and must not act in any way which may disturb other guests and staff of the Hostel. Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in Guests being asked to leave the Hostel in which event all Charges and Additional Charges shall become immediately payable by the Guest.

6.3 Smoking is not permitted inside the Hostel and only in the designated smoking areas.

6.4 The Customer and Guest will be responsible for any loss or damage caused at the Hostel by the Guest. The Guest will be liable for Coterie’s reasonable cost of repairing, cleaning, replacing any property of Coterie which is damaged, soiled or lost by a Guest, and any economic damage and opportunity loss that are caused by the loss and damage. Coterie reserves the right to retain credit card and/or debit card details of the Customer and the Guest, and charge or debit such costs as it shall in its sole discretion deem fit on the said card(s) to compensate or make good the loss, damage, costs or expenses incurred or suffered as a result thereof. Coterie further reserves the right to commence legal proceedings against the Customers and Guest without notice.

6.5 Guest is not allowed to bring animals and belongings that can be disturbing to other Guests in the Hostel. Coterie reserves the right to remove and/or confiscate any of the above items found in any room immediately without notice to the Guest and to charge the Guest for any costs incurred for taking such action.

6.6 Guest is not allowed to invite third party visitor in the Hostel except in the area where Coterie permits Guests to do so. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in Guest being charged for additional night’s accommodation for the visitor, and the Guest and the visitor will be asked to leave the Hostel immediately with no refund given.

6.7 Customer must be 18 years or older to make reservation. Guest ages between 16 - 18 can stay with parental written consent. Ages between 12 - 16 can stay with a parent or guardian in a private room. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in automatic cancellation with no refund given.

6.8 Guests may use security boxes, however it remains the Guest’s responsibility to ensure that their personal belongings are secure at all times. Coterie accepts no liability for the loss, theft or damage to property however caused.


7.1 Unless otherwise agreed by Coterie, the Charges do not include any food or drink which is provided at the Hostel.

7.2 Customers and their Guests may only consume food and drink purchased from Coterie in the area designated by Coterie.


8.1 Customers with any special requirements pertaining to a disability should inform the management team at the Hostel prior to the Arrival Date.


9.1 Nothing in these Conditions purports to limit or exclude the Coterie’s liability for:

(a) death or personal injury caused by the negligence of Coterie its employees, subcontractors or agents;

(b) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or

(c) any other matter for which it would be illegal for the Hostel to limit or exclude its liability.

9.2 If Coterie breaches these Conditions or is negligent, it is responsible for the loss of damage suffered by the Customer that is a foreseeable result of the breach of negligence but are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is foreseeable if they were an obvious consequence of Coterie’s breach of these Conditions or if they were contemplated by Coterie and the Customer when they entered into the Contract.

9.3 The Customer agrees that Coterie is only supplying its facilities, products and services to the Customer for private use and have no liability to the Customer for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption or loss of business opportunity.


10.1 The Customer herby consents to Coteries collecting of the Customers personal data such as name, surname, email address, social security number, customer number, address, contact information and details of the bank account number and IP number.

10.2 The personal data is used by Coterie for the performance of the Contract and for marketing and as a basis for statistics and for Coteries product development. Coterie has the right to share your personal data with its partners for advertisement and promotion.

10.3 The personal data may be analyzed and grouped for the selection, prioritization and planning of the marketing of Coterie, so-called profiling.

10.4 As a customer of Coterie, you agree to receive marketing information via mail, telephone, or e-mail and text messages, and other digital channels. Your personal data may be disclosed to all offices within the Coterie group.

10.5 Personal information is disclosed to Japanese authorities only when it is required by law or official order.


11.1 Coterie may transfer its rights and obligations under the Contract to another organization but will always inform the Customer if this happens and this will not affect the Customer’s rights under the contract.

11.2 Coterie will not be liable to the Customer for any failure to perform or delaying in performing its obligations where such failure or delay is due to an event outside Coterie’s control (including without limitation, extreme adverse weather, industrial action or natural disaster). If such an event prevents Coterie from fulfilling the Booking, either party may cancel the Contract.

11.3 Coterie may, from time to time, change these Conditions without notice. However, the version of these Conditions in force at the time of the Booking will continue to apply to the Contract. Customers are advised to check Coterie’s website for the latest version of these Conditions before making a Booking.

11.4 Coterie will process personal data in relation to Customers and Guests solely for the purpose of performing its obligations and exercising its rights in connection with the Contract. Coterie will not provide any such personal data to any third parties apart from third parties who provide services to Coterie such as the provision of legal advice.

11.5 No failure by Coterie to enforce these Conditions shall constitute a waiver of the right to subsequently enforce that provision or any other provision of these Conditions. Such failure shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any preceding or subsequent breach and shall not constitute a continuing waiver.

11.6 If any provision of these Conditions is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part the validity of the other provisions of these Conditions and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected.

11.7 These Contract (including any non-contractual matters and obligations arising therefrom or associated therewith) shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Japan and the court of Tokyo will have jurisdiction to deal with any disputes (including in relation to non-contractual matters) arising in connection with it.

11.8 No person who is not a party to the Contract will have any rights in connection with it.

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Introducing “Kaisu”

We are introducing new name “Kaisu” to the world.  Sound a bit different but our style stays the same. A friendly and sound place for everyone.


Welcome to Kaisu.

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Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide

This is our favorite Tokyo guide book. You can find more about it here.

It's so cute and informative guide. You'll find something you'll enjoy a lot in this little booklet. Hello Sandwich's blog is also very nice to find out about the city and more!

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Hikawa Shrine Festival

You and we are going to be part of this next year. Book us now.

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BAR & TABLE is located on the first floor of Kaisu.

It opens at 11 am and close at 22:30 pm (last order 22 pm)
Full bar is coming to open in August.
It's open for everyone.
Come see us!

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First exhibition: Mariya Suzuki “A cup of Tokyo”

Our first exhibition has started and will be showing till July 17th.

You can find more about her here!

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Open House / Reception on 6/19

Thank you so much for coming out for our open house and reception. Good vibe and great people.

Our grand opening is on 25 of June.

Hope to see you all soon again!

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First time to Kaisu? Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below and if you’ve got any more, ask us at info.akasaka@kaisu.jp and we’ll be happy to help you out!


Q : What time is check-in?
A : 15 pm. If you like to leave your luggages before check-in, we can keep them for you on the check-in day.

Q : What time is check-out?
A : 11 am.

Q : Do you open 24 hours?
A : Our reception desk is open till 22 pm. Bar & Table is open till 23:00 pm.

Q : Is it possible to check-in after 22 pm?
A : We understand sometimes your flights are delayed. We can assist you easier if everything is paid prior to your arrival. If your arrival be later than 22 pm, please make your reservation through here.

Q : How old do I have to be to book?
A : Must be 18 or older to book rooms. 16 or older can stay with parental consent. 10 or older can stay with parent.

Q : Do you serve breakfast?
A : Yes, we server complimentary breakfast between 8 - 10 am at Bar & Table located on the first floor of Kaisu.

Q : Do you have Wi-fi?
A : Yes and yes. We have complimentary wi-fi everywhere in the facility.

Q : Do you have laundry service?
A : There are two laundromat within 20 seconds from Kaisu. (outside of our facility)

Q : What's your cancellation policy?
A : To avoid cancelation fee, reservation must be cancelled 2 days prior to arrival. Cancellations made after this time will result in a charge for your stay to the card provided. No show will also result in a charge for your stay to the card provided.

Q : How do I get to Kaisu from Narita Airport?
A : There are a few ways to get here. Fastest way is to take JR NEX from Narita to Tokyo Station. Walk to Nijyubashimae on Chiyoda Line. Get off at Akasaka and walk 3 min to Kaisu.  (approx. 3,500 yen) Cheapest way is to take the Access Narita bus or Keisei bus to Tokyo Station. Walk to Nijyubashimae on Chiyoda LIne. Get off at Akasaka station and walk 3 min to Kaisu. (approx. 1,500 yen) Also we have a movie about how to getting from Akasaka station to  Kaisu!

Q : Do you have media/influencer rates?

A : Kaisu is a media friendly place. We're happy to offer media rates to social media influencers and/or bloggers, depending on availability. Please contact here.



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