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June 25 – Jul 24, 2016


About the exhibition   by Honda Chika

I have always been interested in “souvenirs”. You buy stuff you usually would’t buy when it becomes souvenirs. Why? They bring more than just a thing. We want them because we like to keep the memory and elation for the moment or the places that somehow make us feel warm.

I wanted to express the warms as my first exhibition and asked Shukosha (hand-carved stencil dyeing craftsman) for collaboration.

Mass product cannot replicate hand-carved lines. I hope you enjoy art of craft and my Japanese souvenirs.

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It was all nice!





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Jazz Sax Live



See you next summer. The band was awesome.



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A Happy New Year!

Hello 2016!


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Kaisu Experience

When we asked Tak Nishimura for interesting tour idea, he was happy to help us and brought us some of the tours they can immediately organize for us.


Next time you are in Kaisu, don't forget to bring your international license.

You can drive around the city with Kart!


Karttop sowKart


More experience are available at Kaisu. Please ask detail at front desk.

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Rental Bicycle

Now we have rental bicycle available at Kaisu.

It’s one of those electric bicycles! Come see us at front desk for detail!!

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“On the Road” Photo Exhibition by Ilán Terrell

Next exhibition at Kaisu.

“On the Road” Photo Exhibition by Ilán Terrell
Date: Dec 11th, 2015 – Jan 10th, 2016

Ilán Terrell puts a new spin on the western roadtrip, with his new photographic series “On the Road.” Ilán travels throughout the western United States every month, documenting his own life with classic cameras in a modern era, producing images with a sense of nostalgia and a high-tech twist.

A native Californian, musician, and photographer, Ilán takes the viewer on a journey up Route 66 in a minivan loaded with cameras, guitars, drums, and yes… Shamisen, to experience all that the American highway has to offer. He will conclude his journey and photo exhibition with images taken during his stay in Japan.

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Closed between Nov 15 – 19

We are closing the entire hostel bar & table between Nov 15 – 19th.

Regular operation from the 20th of November.


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Introducing “Kaisu”

We are introducing new name “Kaisu” to the world.  Sound a bit different but our style stays the same. A friendly and sound place for everyone.


Welcome to Kaisu.

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Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide

This is our favorite Tokyo guide book. You can find more about it here.

It's so cute and informative guide. You'll find something you'll enjoy a lot in this little booklet. Hello Sandwich's blog is also very nice to find out about the city and more!

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Hikawa Shrine Festival

You and we are going to be part of this next year. Book us now.

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BAR & TABLE is located on the first floor of Kaisu.

It opens at 11 am and close at 22:30 pm (last order 22 pm)
Full bar is coming to open in August.
It's open for everyone.
Come see us!

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First exhibition: Mariya Suzuki “A cup of Tokyo”

Our first exhibition has started and will be showing till July 17th.

You can find more about her here!

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Open House / Reception on 6/19

Thank you so much for coming out for our open house and reception. Good vibe and great people.

Our grand opening is on 25 of June.

Hope to see you all soon again!

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First time to Kaisu? Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below and if you’ve got any more, ask us at info.akasaka@kaisu.jp and we’ll be happy to help you out!



Q : What time is check-in?
A : 15 pm. If you like to leave your luggages before check-in, we can keep them for you on the check-in day.

Q : What time is check-out?
A : 11 am.

Q : Do you open 24 hours?
A : Our reception desk is open till 22 pm. Bar & Table is open till 23:00 pm.

Q : Is it possible to check-in after 22 pm?
A : We understand sometimes your flights are delayed. We can assist you easier if everything is paid prior to your arrival. If your arrival be later than 22 pm, please make your reservation through here.

Q : How old do I have to be to book?
A : Must be 18 or older to book rooms under Japanese law. 16 or older can stay with parental consent. 12 or older can stay with parent if the entire room is booked.

Q : Do you serve breakfast?
A : Yes, we server complimentary breakfast between 8 - 10 am at Bar & Table located on the first floor of Kaisu.

Q : Do you have Wi-fi?
A : Yes and yes. We have complimentary wi-fi everywhere in the facility.

Q : Do you have laundry service?
A : There are two laundromat within 20 seconds from Kaisu. (outside of our facility)

Q : What's your cancellation policy?
A : To avoid cancelation fee, reservation must be cancelled 2 days prior to arrival. Cancellations made after this time will result in a charge for the first night’s stay to the card provided. No show will result in a charge for up to three night's stay to the card provided.

Q : How do I get to Kaisu from Narita Airport?
A : There are a few ways to get here. Fastest way is to take JR NEX from Narita to Tokyo Station. Walk to Nijyubashimae on Chiyoda Line. Get off at Akasaka and walk 3 min to Kai.  (approx. 3,500 yen) Cheapest way is to take the Access Narita bus or Keisei bus to Tokyo Station. Walk to Nijyubashimae on Chiyoda LIne. Get off at Akasaka station and walk 3 min to Kai. (approx. 1,500 yen)




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